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  • The use of land in the country is demonstrated in the following table.
  • He was also the first person to demonstrate such a system to the public.
  • Since that time, the parliament has demonstrated real independence from the executive branch.
  • The election also demonstrated the rapid development and organization of political parties during this time period.
  • One chemical process has been demonstrated to pilot plant stage but not used.
  • However, modern studies have failed to demonstrate any link between the two conditions.
  • This can easily be demonstrated and will put an end once and for all to the trial.
  • The table below is used to demonstrate the wide range of conditions experienced.
  • This evidence demonstrates a more complex and significant history at the fort than previously believed.
  • The different types of wooden houses demonstrate the different status of the local people.
  • Color vision may be widespread but has been demonstrated in only a few species.
  • This demonstrates that the cells can produce new blood cells over a long term.
  • Since that time, Parliament has demonstrated real independence from the executive branch.
  • He followed this idea and demonstrated his view of the order within the crow family.
  • However, proponents must demonstrate that all the available evidence has been taken into account.
  • The company has demonstrated the technology to a range in Australia.
  • The Empire's ability to get involved in Italian affairs had been demonstrated.
  • Living history programs demonstrating the building technique are available at both these locations.
  • The party was also to demonstrate to the children that the family would go on despite the death of their father.
  • The latter could demonstrate to the satisfaction of the local community that their parents were considered white.
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Meaning of demonstrate

  • verb March in protest; take part in a demonstration
    Thousands demonstrated against globalization during the meeting of the most powerful economic nations in Seattle