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  • I never felt the sense of home more delightfully than that night. Cited from Vandemark's Folly, by Herbert Quick
  • How delightfully happy the plan made her through the coming week! Cited from Ruth, by Elizabeth Cleghorn Gaskell
  • He thought merely that he had never seen her so delightfully pretty. Cited from The Bells of San Juan, by Jackson Gregory
  • You have been very kind to me, and made everything delightfully easy. Cited from A Prince of Sinners, by E. Phillips Oppenheim
  • Few people know so little about art; yet how delightfully he writes about it. Cited from Masques & Phases, by Robert Ross
  • No man could talk more delightfully of music, of art, of letters. Cited from The Gloved Hand, by Burton E. Stevenson
  • All the lesser things one has heard turn out to be delightfully true. Cited from Letters from America, by Rupert Brooke
  • They were not-- but they soon were, and the evening passed most delightfully. Cited from The Outdoor Girls at Rainbow Lake, by L. Hope
  • It went delightfully, and we shall hear more of it by and by. Cited from The History of Gutta-Percha Willie, by George MacDonald
  • Her room, you see, opens off this, and she will hear you delightfully. Cited from Mary Marston, by George MacDonald
  • But the new woman, having fresh and outside interests, is generally able to talk of them delightfully. Cited from From a Girl's Point of View, by Lilian Bell
  • Everything had been going so delightfully, it had been quite a pleasure to him to come to the house. Cited from Children of the Ghetto, by I. Zangwill [AKA: Israel Zangwill]
  • The strange men thought it too delightfully funny that she ran from them. Cited from Invisible Links, by Selma Lagerlof
  • Meanwhile, nothing could be more delightfully smooth and successful than the whole thing was on the outside. Cited from Lippincott's Magazine Vol. XVII. No. 101. May, 1876, by Various
  • How delightfully it will revive the dear old days to have him back? Cited from At the Mercy of Tiberius, by Augusta Evans Wilson
  • After a moment of deep consideration he smiled delightfully and said he thought it was all right. Cited from Here are Ladies, by James Stephens
  • Then he talked long and delightfully as only lovers of such things can. Cited from The Lady and Sada San, by Frances Little
  • The rest of the day was spent most delightfully in establishing themselves in the new home. Cited from Aunt Jane's Nieces, by Edith Van Dyne
  • Was it right that she should thrill so delightfully whenever he came near her? Cited from Square Deal Sanderson, by Charles Alden Seltzer
  • Now and again we whispered to each other how delightfully we were going to surprise the enemy. Cited from On Commando, by Dietlof Van Warmelo
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Meaning of delightfully

  • adverb In a delightful manner
    the farm house, though in itself a small one, is delightfully situated