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  • He told her very delicately that in the future she need not go to so much trouble. Cited from A Melody in Silver, by Keene Abbott
  • More immediately sat down on the grass, putting his feet delicately together before him. Cited from The King's Achievement, by Robert Hugh Benson
  • She put her own in it, with its pressure, soft and delicately strong. Cited from Bressant, by Julian Hawthorne
  • How delicately this man was telling her that he still loved her! Cited from The Grey Cloak, by Harold MacGrath
  • The matter was too delicately personal to explain -- only an artist could understand. Cited from Little Journeys, Volume 4, by Elbert Hubbard
  • Its legs and feet, most delicately formed, were, like those upper members, bare. Cited from Journeys Through Bookland, Vol. 6, by Charles H. Sylvester
  • They should be only delicately colored and yet dry all through. Cited from Good Things to Eat as Suggested by Rufus, by Rufus Estes
  • And he took her face in his hands delicately, and kissed her on the lips. Cited from By What Authority?, by Robert Hugh Benson
  • Silver rose from his seat in an automatic manner, and turned delicately pale. Cited from Red Money, by Fergus Hume
  • Delicately he impressed her with the absolute power which she might exercise over his mind. Cited from The Young Duke, by Benjamin Disraeli
  • The "other persons" referred to here, if only slaves, are very delicately described. Cited from Slavery and Four Years of War, Vol. 1-2, by Joseph Warren Keifer
  • He is very young, with a sensitive face and delicately cut features. Cited from Van Dyck, by Estelle M. Hurll
  • It is very true what you have tried so delicately to intimate. Cited from Cape Cod Folks, by Sarah P. McLean Greene
  • These delicately told human moments sound with the perfect pitch of a true poet.
  • She looked more delicately fair than usual, perhaps because of the contrast with her heavy furs. Cited from Uncle Max, by Rosa Nouchette Carey
  • He moved the control delicately by hand, and the little sun followed dutifully. Cited from The Sky Is Falling, by Lester del Rey
  • I would return to France on the next boat were my neck less delicately attached to my shoulders. Cited from The Grey Cloak, by Harold MacGrath
  • In their issues of the following day, the other morning papers dealt with the subject most delicately. Cited from The Clarion, by Samuel Hopkins Adams
  • He cracked open the car door, and just as delicately threw it out. Cited from Planet of the Damned, by Harry Harrison
  • So delicately did the Greek artist indicate the division between two branches of one dramatic art. Cited from Sketches and Studies in Italy and Greece, Complete, by John Symonds
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