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  • Often their appearance is deliberately modified to make them look even more human.
  • It is very deliberately a collection of arts to do rather than arts to view.
  • Some published games have deliberately used different terms for the same concept.
  • They advanced on the three and deliberately shot and killed them.
  • Additionally, many films were deliberately destroyed because they had little value in the era before home video.
  • We are deliberately putting a world order before our loyalty to our own country.
  • It is not too likely that these plants were deliberately grown rather than collected from the wild.
  • There were significant names deliberately left out of the list.
  • Will is especially important in ethics because it must be present for people to act deliberately.
  • This evidence suggests that the religious structures were deliberately abandoned slowly over time.
  • And I'm deliberately just writing down all the positive things that I hear or see.
  • Number two was that the company should exist deliberately for the benefit of the people associated in it.
  • The man had been deliberately buried by the river bank.
  • The economic model was deliberately low-rent, at least by major studio standards.
  • Martin deliberately ignored the writing rules to never give two characters a name starting with the same letter.
  • The term now encompasses any means of deliberately and directly causing the death of fellow military members.
  • However, he could face additional charges if it is determined that he deliberately miscalled individual games.
  • In some cases operators deliberately produce less power for economic reasons.
  • I question whether this effect was all deliberately out by Coleridge, though it might have been.
  • Then we see her deliberately contract cholera and be transferred to hospital.
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