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  • I would never take a system down and delete anything off of a system.
  • During the week, his name was deleted when he was too ill to appear.
  • Why would you want to delete ten years of your history?
  • Large parts of the score were deleted after the film's road show release.
  • Despite its poor sales, it was never deleted and is still sold today.
  • Performances may only be recorded and played back once and then deleted.
  • The track has since been deleted from the album and is now available only as a separate single.
  • Upon release of the album, it was announced that it would be deleted after one week.
  • The state may also delete a highway completely and turn over an entire state route to local control.
  • Included among the special features are the deleted scenes which had been part of the television cut.
  • So the task has to delete itself after it uses its resources.
  • The band themselves eventually took the decision to delete the record from sale.
  • The second season does not contain any extra features such as deleted scenes.
  • However, some of these will not delete the channel if it is removed by the station.
  • Lines that have moved are shown as added at their new location and as deleted from their old location.
  • Deleted scenes from the episode were featured on the box set as well.
  • It also contains other deleted scenes not seen in either version.
  • None of the home video releases of their films feature any deleted scenes.
  • Some programs create temporary files and then leave them behind - they do not delete them.
  • This release included, for the first time, the deleted scenes from the film.
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Meaning of delete

  • verb Remove or make invisible
    Please delete my name from your list