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  • The district also includes a post-secondary school, the Mid-Del Technology Center.
  • A DEL program on the user-host received the results to present to the user.
  • Before 1946 there were only two families living in what would become Del City.
  • A rock band of the 1980s, the Del Lords, was named after him.
  • Del Negro was fired a little over a month later.
  • Del can also be applied to a vector field with the result being a tensor.
  • The City of Del City has operated under a council-manager form of city government since 1959.
  • Linnea and Del are having communication problems and she focuses on the children rather than on him.
  • He returned immediately to Rome, and opened his celebrated studio close to the Via del Babuino.
  • La Bodeguita del Medio is more known for their food rather than drink.
  • Del Naja has been critical of the government policies of the United Kingdom.
  • He then returned to Rome, where he opened a workshop in Via del Corso.
  • Del Greco then kicked two more field goals in the 4th quarter to put the game away.
  • Jason then changed his mind, and the ending of the episode was changed to show Del rejecting the offer.
  • Instead, each man was given a letter of commendation by del Valle which was carried in their record books.
  • Del Martin was the first open lesbian elected to NOW.
  • Another village considered worth visiting is Castellammare del Golfo which is between these two places.
  • He wanted to station the 7th at Del Monte when it arrived.
  • Eagle Lake located within Del City the lake is located in the northern part of the city and is the only large body of water.
  • The Copa del Rey is an annual football cup competition for Spanish football teams.
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