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  • What is a man to do when he has reached middle age and finds himself degenerating? Cited from Maintaining Health, by R. L. Alsaker
  • Degenerates are people who do what they love over what society thinks they should do.
  • Near the end of its life, a star can also contain degenerate matter.
  • Yet neither the town nor the character of the people has degenerated in the last century. Cited from Bay State Monthly, Vol. II, No. 1, October, 1884, by Various
  • If more than one ground state exists, they are said to be degenerate.
  • And this shows how the race over there on the little island is degenerating. Cited from Stories by American Authors, Volume 1, by Various
  • The general election campaign generated little interest and quickly degenerated into name calling.
  • The depression degenerated into an area of low pressure early the next day.
  • Since then the class has increased in its species, but has degenerated to a less noble type. Cited from An Expository Outline, by Anonymous
  • States of the same j and the same n are still degenerate.
  • The charge laid against degenerate art was that it had been cut off from blood and soil.
  • What, if it seem probably degenerating, are the causes of so great an evil? Cited from Health and Education, by Charles Kingsley
  • After his death, leaving a young son as his successor, the country degenerated into civil war.
  • In case of a natural law it degenerates to a one-point distribution.
  • Therefore, the formerly degenerate energy levels will split into slightly lower and slightly higher energy levels.
  • On the other hand, he has not degenerated from some ideal pacific state. Cited from The Psychology of Nations, by G.E. Partridge
  • Both made their way to New York, but the operation degenerated into total failure.
  • As one executive's mind and body begin to degenerate, the truth is revealed.
  • The part of the estate not owned by the school has mostly degenerated into waste land.
  • According to the BBC, his voice had degenerated in the previous few months.
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