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  • Even in its most deformed state, it will still show the true state of the world.
  • An objects boundary may also deform and change over time in other ways.
  • Feeling that another deformed soul would seek him out, he waited for her arrival.
  • His left arm and hand were not large and were not deformed.
  • The couple's difficulties increased when their only son was born deformed and died soon after birth.
  • Henry was not deformed, and much better looking in those days.
  • When force is applied to a material it starts to deform or move.
  • Man has done what he can to deform this lovely region. Cited from The Diary of an Ennuyee, by Anna Brownell Jameson
  • Casey runs into Peter, now a deformed half-man/half-machine, who attacks her.
  • Instead only three small sections of the thread are deformed on one end.
  • He lives now out of sight - a solitary figure hiding his deformed form from the world.
  • He was a deformed child who hunched over and found no peace amongst other humans.
  • I have no wish to know anything which' may deform life and mar its beauty. Cited from Quo Vadis, The Time of Nero, by Henryk Sienkiewicz
  • When they reached a circle, they were highlighted and changed their super deformed form.
  • When the metal cools again it will remain in the hot shape, until deformed again.
  • Two loops are considered equivalent if one can be deformed into the other without breaking.
  • The deformed child put the sack back over his face and cried.
  • His name appears to mean some sort of physical deforming, possibly a clubfoot.
  • These produce monstrous deformed children who are disposed of when they are no longer needed for study.
  • Solid objects will deform when forces are applied on them.
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Meaning of deform

  • verb Make formless
    the heat deformed the plastic sculpture
  • verb Become misshapen
    The sidewalk deformed during the earthquake
  • verb Alter the shape of (something) by stress
    His body was deformed by leprosy