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  • Usually, a definite start time or end time for the action is stated.
  • The definite article in the name fell out of use quite early.
  • However, so far there are no definite plans for the future use of this area.
  • They had no definite programme or policy and were by no means even united.
  • These are without definite form and are only given shape upon application.
  • There is no definite shape, and it can take on several different but similar appearances.
  • Since its definite foundation, the town began to develop as a whole.
  • Still, they did not find a definite route across the mountains.
  • It has no definite forms and there are no institutions connected with it.
  • There is no necessity to say anything definite about what is not observed.
  • In the end no definite conclusion can be made with the presently available evidence.
  • The short version of the definite form also drops two letters, but another two.
  • However the last condition alone is not sufficient for M to be positive definite.
  • Note that many of the above changes are still under active consideration and are not definite.
  • However, men could still be machines that do not follow a definite set of rules.
  • The definite article was at first a, which was later replaced by the.
  • By that means I am strongly of opinion that some definite results might be arrived at.
  • He also has a definite love for his family.
  • Recent studies tend to support three species, but this is certainly not definite.
  • This is occasionally seen word-initially, but often finally, as a form of the definite article.
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Meaning of definite

  • adjective Precise; explicit and clearly defined
    I want a definite answer, a definite statement of the terms of the will, a definite amount, definite restrictions on the sale of alcohol, the wedding date is now definite, a definite drop in attendance