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  • There were no free primary schools and other public schools were deficient.
  • The three of us played on a very deficient sound system.
  • Each consciousness structure eventually becomes deficient, and is replaced by a following structure.
  • The deficient vice would be found in people who won't defend themselves.
  • This species is listed as data deficient because it has not recorded since the early 1970s.
  • The fact that the land was held by a non-corporation was deficient at law.
  • However, in recent years the western part of the sound has become increasingly deficient of marine life.
  • Allied intelligence in the lead-up to the battle was deficient in two key areas.
  • In addition four species are so poorly known that they are listed as data deficient.
  • She was very deficient in anti-aircraft capability, with only two anti-aircraft guns.
  • The scale of the school expanded, and when the number of students increased, the school facilities became deficient.
  • Central, eastern and southern parts of the state are rich, whereas northern and western parts are deficient in forest.
  • He never regarded as himself as deficient in that respect.
  • In recent times, it has been identified that an understanding of just business or IT is deficient.
  • Military planning was deficient, as the Italian government had not decided on which theatre would be the most important.
  • It is intended for long-term treatment of individuals who are growth hormone deficient.
  • Industrially, the district is very deficient, yet some trade and industry is being carried out in urban areas.
  • However, two years after the law's implementation enforcement has been deficient.
  • Many women decline to participate in these extracurricular support groups because they do not want to appear deficient.
  • Thus, we know almost nothing of their biology and they are all of data deficient as a conservation status.
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