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  • Thomas had less success defensively at first base during the early part of his career.
  • Defensively, he played two games in center field, and one game in right field.
  • He has played second base in the past but is limited defensively at that position.
  • For a player of his size and position, he is also quite responsible defensively.
  • But he also always seems to be in the right place at the right time defensively.
  • And defensively he made more plays to save his team runs.
  • All along he had been acting against his feelings, but still defensively. Cited from The Life of William Ewart Gladstone, Vol. 1 (of 3), by John Morley
  • He has since continued to improve his offensive skills while remaining defensively responsible.
  • He cast a meaning look at his tiny sister, whose soft lips set defensively. Cited from The Third Violet, by Stephen Crane
  • Generally, the larger the lead a team will have in a game, the more defensively they should play.
  • Although he could play defensively if required, he preferred to attack when his team were in difficulties.
  • Combined together these mixed infantry units were very strong defensively against any form of cavalry attacks.
  • Defensively, in August he tied a team record by recording five double plays in one game.
  • Others are used defensively, to protect against a hit or obtain the right of way.
  • Defensively, he shows slightly above-average range and good hands.
  • Defensively, they had only allowed one scoring play all season.
  • Both teams also had several quality wide receivers, but both were average to below average defensively.
  • Defensively, he only appeared in three games at positions other than an outfielder.
  • It was considered "very strong against a running attack, but rather weak defensively against passes."
  • Defensively, he played 121 games at first base and two games in left field.
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Meaning of defensively

  • adverb In an apologetic and defensive manner
    `I felt it better you should know,' said Sir Cedric defensively
  • adverb In a defensive manner
    the general conviction that our side is in the right and acting defensively over what Russians call the German question and Americans the Berlin crisis