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  • If you leave, they may not work well together in defending the city.
  • What he is defending is not his long-lost business, but his human rights.
  • Almost none was actually ready to take off to defend the base.
  • As a result, defending an edge against a center attack is very difficult.
  • Germany was the two-time defending champion and won it for the third time.
  • The defending king must stand on the smaller part of the board.
  • Some Western individuals, however, came to help defend the city on their own account.
  • Here he worked on the problems associated with defending Britain from an air attack.
  • He gave up his right to a court-appointed lawyer and defended himself successfully.
  • They had won the Cup seven times and were the four-time defending champion.
  • When defending a pass or shot players must be at least away from the player with the ball.
  • It is important to defend one's pieces even if they are not directly threatened.
  • Over the years several books have appeared that defended them.
  • For example, soldiers fight in wars to defend the honor of the country.
  • Although she may have been misrepresented, she made no attempt to defend herself.
  • Laws needed to be defended as though they were city walls.
  • She became the first Canadian to defend their gold medal at the Olympics.
  • The half which a team defends is commonly referred to as being their half.
  • He defends her from his men, his mother, and eventually his uncle.
  • In all of her appearances, she has only been shown to use this ability while defending herself and others.
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Meaning of defend

  • verb Argue or speak in defense of
    She supported the motion to strike
  • verb Be on the defensive; act against an attack
  • verb Protect against a challenge or attack
    Hold that position behind the trees!, Hold the bridge against the enemy's attacks
  • verb Be the defense counsel for someone in a trial
    Ms. Smith will represent the defendant