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  • At age five she defeated a family friend without looking at the board.
  • Then one or both would advance and attempt to defeat the enemy force.
  • By the end of the story, he is once again defeated.
  • Players progress to the next level once all enemies on the current level are defeated.
  • This was the first time a computer had ever defeated a world champion in match play.
  • If they were defeated, every one who returned was killed.
  • Opposition from all other major parties led to an expected defeat.
  • These teams were usually defeated easily by the European and South American teams.
  • The team went out in the first round following one victory and two defeats.
  • Although this was William's first defeat in battle, it did little to change things.
  • An attempt to break through the English lines was defeated.
  • He immediately moved against them and defeated them.
  • They were defeated by England in the second round.
  • Unable to discover where the rock had come from, the soldiers attacked and defeated one another.
  • A second Home Rule bill was also defeated for similar reasons.
  • This is the most common form of defeat.
  • Such events helped the South come to terms with their defeat and continued for decades after the war.
  • They aim to defeat each other without making contact with their opponent's body.
  • However, the method of defeating enemies remains the same between both characters.
  • Heavy cavalry was the difference between victory and defeat in many key battles.
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Meaning of defeat

  • noun An unsuccessful ending to a struggle or contest
    it was a narrow defeat, the army's only defeat, they suffered a convincing licking