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  • They also decorate the party room and set up games for the children.
  • He offered to decorate any man who would run down the path.
  • These are often decorated with the name of the company that the water tower serves.
  • Playing children or a female beauty often decorate the women's side.
  • One of the party carries a horse's head decorated in the same manner.
  • He has decorated at least thirty-eight different residences in his life.
  • Many of his comrades were also highly decorated for their part in the fighting.
  • This part is often decorated or is made in a certain style to look attractive.
  • His grave and statues are decorated by students and school children every year.
  • He also acquired a finely decorated ship that had been built for him.
  • The most highly decorated part of the church is the area surrounding the high altar.
  • It was not until the following summer that decorating and final construction details were completed.
  • They still used red and black flags, but now they decorated them with their own designs.
  • It is one of the largest and most decorated troops in New Jersey.
  • They often have fancy cover material which serves to decorate the room where they are found.
  • The arms of the king and queen decorate the chapel's east wall.
  • Each student has their desk space which they can decorate as they please.
  • German restaurants have become the world's second-most decorated after France.
  • Recently, however, a glass decorating business opened in the city, using some equipment from the former companies.
  • The birds decorate the outside with any bright-coloured objects they can find.
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Meaning of decorate

  • verb Make more attractive by adding ornament, colour, etc.
    Decorate the room for the party, beautify yourself for the special day
  • verb Award a mark of honor, such as a medal, to
    He was decorated for his services in the military