declared forfeit

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  • He was never able to inherit his father's titles, since they had been declared forfeit.
  • The next year, however, all of his titles were declared forfeit for treason.
  • The latter's lands were declared forfeit, and he was imprisoned by the king for the rest of his life.
  • John was summoned before parliament to answer for his treasons, and when he failed to appear was declared forfeit.
  • Yet on evidence so obtained whole baronies and counties were declared forfeited to the Crown. Cited from A Popular History of Ireland V2, by T.D. McGee
  • When he was executed for treason, his titles were declared forfeit.
  • They are so virtually now, royal receivers having been placed in possession, but they will be formally declared forfeited on her marriage with you. Cited from The Cornet of Horse, by G. A. Henty
  • He has been more than once outlawed both by England and Scotland, his lands declared forfeited, and his head set at a price. Cited from The Monastery, by Sir Walter Scott
  • Their estates were confiscated; their lives declared forfeited; any man who befriended them did so at his own peril. Cited from Historic Tales, Vol. 1 (of 15), by Charles Morris
  • The claim was paid under the provisions of the Treaty of Florida, and included slaves whom the court afterward declared forfeited. Cited from Suppression of the African Slave Trade to the US, by W. E. B. Du Bois
  • On James's defeat, MacDonnell's lands and titles were, again, declared forfeit.
  • The abbot was found guilty and Vale Royal was declared forfeit to the crown because of his crimes.
  • He was executed for treason in 1483 and his titles were declared forfeit.
  • Beaumont obtained a general pardon two days before Christmas but all his lands were declared forfeit and granted to Lord Hastings.
  • All his property was declared forfeit, and his son and heir, William O'Shaughnessy, was forced into exile.
  • The family retained control of the estate until 1750 when the Drummond properties were declared forfeit and seized by the state.
  • In 1645 his lands and titles were declared forfeit, and he fled to the Isle of Man where he died the following year.
  • All his honours and estates were declared forfeit.
  • With no natural or adoptive heirs to succeed him, his kingdom was declared forfeit to the EIC.
  • At the time that the game was declared forfeit, Tulane was leading with a score of 2 to nothing.
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