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  • The war continued through summer but ended with no decisive victory for either side.
  • This event made his influence even more decisive than it might otherwise have been.
  • Each side launched air attacks during the day in a decisive battle.
  • This led to a decisive change in the type of poetry he wrote.
  • They faced each other for a month without any decisive result.
  • Her first impression of love, when she was eight, has become decisive for her whole life.
  • Although the result was a defeat, it was not by any means decisive.
  • Why did we enter into such decisive and difficult struggle?
  • When battles occurred, they were usually set piece and intended to be decisive.
  • The statement marked a decisive split between the country's two most senior leaders.
  • At the center, a decisive turn brought one out again.
  • Had they been kept in reserve they might have been used in a decisive counter-strike.
  • The moral effect on ground troops subjected to air attack could even be decisive.
  • Both delays meant that there was less time to win a decisive victory before night fell.
  • He appeared decisive and brought order to the government's chaotic public works program.
  • Despite great eastern successes, Germany suffered complete defeat in the more decisive western front.
  • The battle was the most decisive naval victory of the war.
  • The decisive game came down to the final second.
  • However, these victories were not decisive in the sense that they ended the war.
  • The two large armies may have been in the south for a year before the decisive battle was fought.
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Meaning of decisive

  • adjective Determining or having the power to determine an outcome
    cast the decisive vote, two factors had a decisive influence
  • adjective Characterized by decision and firmness
    an able and decisive young woman, we needed decisive leadership, she gave him a decisive answer