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  • They have been shot at such short range that they are almost decapitated. Cited from New York Times Current History: The European War, May 1915, V. 2, No. 2
  • I ran the same route again but this time I was almost decapitated.
  • But when they have been tried and they have failed, decapitate them. Cited from Vittoria by George Meredith, v3
  • Afterwards, they decapitated his body and took his head with them.
  • He then ordered all men of any distinguished rank or importance decapitated.
  • For example, the common enemies in the first level are usually decapitated before they die.
  • One judge who claimed to hold secret documents was later found decapitated.
  • Later his decapitated body was found on the field of battle.
  • He had been decapitated and had his body cut in half.
  • Some lost fingers or a hand, others are said to have been decapitated.
  • Another murder soon takes place; a priest is found decapitated in a church.
  • He was nearly decapitated by the shot and died minutes later.
  • Eventually, though off-screen, he even decapitates himself and remains as a living head on a table.
  • A guard of soldiers was sent, and the saint and his little band were decapitated. Cited from Short Studies on Great Subjects, by James Anthony Froude
  • Her father decapitated her and threw the head into the sea.
  • After the saint was decapitated, he brought his head to the church, and was buried inside.
  • He finally captured her and is about to decapitate her when Mary, in her living form, appears.
  • Once they were inside, she shot him and decapitated him.
  • He asked for a day to be with his wife and he will decapitate himself and bring the head the next day.
  • The king slayers made away with parts of his body including his head they had decapitated.
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  • verb Cut the head of
    the French King was beheaded during the Revolution