Debbie Pelt

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  • Sookie tells him about their passionate sexual relationship, as well as how she killed Debbie Pelt.
  • Sookie returns home to find Debbie Pelt aiming a shotgun at her.
  • Is undercover to gain Sookie's trust and find out the whereabouts of Debbie Pelt.
  • Were-fox and blood relative to Debbie Pelt.
  • Mentioned in Definitely Dead as having given up the search for Debbie Pelt so's not to be fleecing the Pelts.
  • Although Sookie and Alcide seem to have a mutual romantic interest, their relationship does not consolidate because of his complicated relationship with Debbie Pelt.
  • Shortly afterward she is seen pushing Sookie out of the way of a shotgun blast from the gun of Debbie Pelt, but the buckshot hits her in the side and back of the head and neck.
  • Alcide and Sookie seem to have a chemistry from the beginning, but he is emotionally tied to his on-again, off-again girlfriend, Debbie Pelt (a were-fox).
  • When first introduced in the third installment of the Sookie Stackhouse novels, Debbie Pelt identifies herself as a Were-lynx from Jackson, MS.
  • Alcide's jealous girlfriend, Debbie Pelt, breaks into Sookie's house and tries to shoot her but Eric takes the bullet before Sookie shoots Debbie.
  • Debbie Pelt (Brit Morgan), Alcide's ex-girlfriend and Cooter's girlfriend before he was killed, arrives at Sookie's house along with two werewolves.
  • In the same night, Sookie is confronted by Alcide's jealous ex-girlfriend Debbie Pelt, a shapeshifter who, despite being at her own engagement party, is furious with Sookie presenting herself as Alcide's escort.
  • The episode picks up with the fourth season's characters and resumes their stories: Sookie and Lafayette's response to Debbie Pelt's attack; Bill and Eric's efforts to evade the Vampire Authority; Alcide's werewolf pack's hounding of Sam in pursuit of their missing leader Marcus.