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  • The following have been officially released, but do not feature on an album by DeAraugo.
  • During and since Australian Idol, DeAraugo has had a very public battle with her weight.
  • DeAraugo went on to achieve two other top ten singles with girl group the Young Divas.
  • However, a second line-up change never occurred, leaving Williams' and DeAraugo to resume their solo careers.
  • At the same time, Mauboy also decided to leave the group, leaving DeAraugo and Williams as the only remaining members.
  • However both DeAraugo and Williams subsequently resumed their solo careers, and the group officially disbanded.
  • Since the Young Divas disbanded, DeAraugo has been performing in clubs across Australia.
  • Australian Idol winner Kate DeAraugo grew up in Bendigo where her family still live.
  • DeAraugo and the other two remaining group members stated that they would carry on with their plan to record a second album, which they hoped to release in November of the same year.
  • DeAraugo chose the album title from album track "The Most Beautiful Place" which is her favourite song from the album.
  • The singles released from A Place I've Never Been were successful in DeAraugo's home country Australia.
  • DeAraugo's co-finalist was Emily Williams, making this the first all-female final since the show began in 2003.
  • According to her biography on the official Nine Network Excess Baggage website, DeAraugo is still currently working on her second album.
  • DeAraugo's partner then tries to ring her on his mobile phone, however he drops it and it breaks apart, while at the same time she just tried to call him.
  • Kate DeAraugo "Show your support for Lifeline like I do, and help send the message that no one needs to face their problems alone."
  • As the winner of Australian Idol in 2005, DeAraugo was sent to the studio to work on her debut album which took six days to record.
  • The group members stated many times that they would also keep their solo careers and DeAraugo announced in Australian magazine Woman's Day that she was currently working on her second solo album.
  • This was proven to be wrong when both Williams & DeAraugo resumed their solo careers in 2009.
  • We then also see DeAraugo in a glamarous brown dress with shoulder-length earrings, as well as a black dress, in front of a backdrop of paintings.
  • The cancellation occurred amid claims that Coulter was set to leave the group, due to personality clashes with DeAraugo.
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