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  • These flag states are also the top six in terms of fleet size in terms of deadweight tonnage.
  • The basis of his analysis was the concept of deadweight loss.
  • He nodded, keeping his teeth close, his eyes down; and a deadweight of silence fell between them. Cited from The Great Amulet, by Maud Diver
  • The most cost-effective policy is one that has the smallest deadweight loss in achieving certain policy goals.
  • This is a net social loss and is called deadweight loss.
  • Deadweight loss does not account for the effect taxes have in leveling the business playing field.
  • So, although the exploitation rate has vanished, there is still a deadweight loss to society.
  • Most taxes -- including income tax and sales tax -- can have significant deadweight costs.
  • Any addition to the price of consumption goods or an increase in the income tax extends the deadweight loss further.
  • Production is also decreased, further decreasing social welfare by creating a deadweight loss.
  • The band are set to release their eagerly anticipated first single Deadweight with a music video to follow and numerous tour dates to be released.
  • Conversely, deadweight loss can also come from consumers buying a product even if it costs more than it benefits them.
  • Yet, because it is difficult to see tangible results of deadweight loss, policy makers largely ignore it.
  • Stroking the Moon is the third album by the San Francisco based alternative rock band Deadweight.
  • An advantage of a deadweight anchor over a mushroom is that if it does become dragged, then it continues to provide its original holding force.
  • Through what economists now call "rent-seeking" they imposed deadweight losses on the economy.
  • The deadweight loss can then be interpreted as the difference between the equivalent variation and the revenue raised by the tax.
  • The advantage of the box girder type configuration results in a system that has a lower deadweight yet a stronger overall system integrity.
  • Comparing a ship's carrying capacity in terms of deadweight tonnage to its weight when empty is one way to measure its efficiency.
  • They also applied the same spring balance principle to steam locomotive safety valves, replacing the earlier deadweight valves.
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