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  • Info Deadpan is a form of comic delivery in which humor is presented without a change in emotion or body language. more...
  • She is seen with very little expression and seems to speak in a very deadpan manner.
  • His deadpan style has won him a small but devoted number of followers.
  • He occasionally appears on-screen as well, where he is known for his deadpan humor.
  • He is caring and very dedicated to his work, but usually looks serious and deadpan.
  • To get even with the studio Montgomery decided to just read his lines in a deadpan manner and not act.
  • Her distinctive style of gentle deadpan with an sharp edge attracted a great deal of attention straight away.
  • His deadpan comedy style and classic facial expressions made him a very popular character.
  • However, the term "deadpan" itself actually only refers to the method of delivery.
  • Obvious deadpan uses a high amount of contrast either with characters or situations.
  • This term is generally used in deadpan sarcasm, as its impact is greatest when the person speaking looks completely serious. Cited from The Hackers' Dictionary of Computer Jargon
  • The deadpan narrator refers to Bill only in the third person and describes what all the characters say.
  • Much of her comic appeal comes from her deadpan delivery.
  • She asks who should she say is calling, causing Jim to give her a deadpan look while flatly saying her name.
  • The character has gained popularity for her deadpan-style comedy and witty one-liners.
  • She also said the "deadpan, bored" expression was true because they were exhausted after all of the takes.
  • Other fans acknowledged that deadpan humor had been a part of the character's personality since his earliest appearances.
  • Through the film, he used lighting and art direction that felt real, while framing the shots to come across as deadpan.
  • He shows no surprise at people's reaction to him; he regards it all with a deadpan acceptance.
  • Sparks was well known for his deadpan expression and deep, gravelly voice.
  • Her deadpan performance has been described as "scene-stealing".
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  • adverb Without betraying any feeling
    she told the joke deadpan