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  • Info Deadman (Boston Brand) is a fictional character, a comic book superhero in the DC Comics universe.
  • Theory of a Deadman has received one award and two other nominations.
  • Deadman's Island had already had a long history as a burial site.
  • Theory of a Deadman is shown through the music video playing at the bottom of the cliff.
  • Deadman also has a secondary purpose: to supply the white ring with power by embracing life.
  • Deadman's powers including the power to fly, phase through solid objects, and possess people.
  • Savages is the fifth studio album by Canadian rock band Theory of a Deadman.
  • Later, Dick's dying father makes Deadman promise to protect his son.
  • "I should go mad if I saw that villainous deadman's eye bent upon her!" Cited from Night & Morning, by E. B. Lytton, Vol. 3
  • Deadman attempts to possess his own corpse, but is unable to control it.
  • The subsequent official inquiry discovered the deadman's brake had not been applied.
  • The Deadman has come in several different versions.
  • The only thing known is that the ring as it charged itself gave Deadman the sensation that someone would die.
  • Theory of a Deadman has received one WCMA award and two other nominations.
  • "What business have you to go through Deadman's Copse without leave?" Cited from Polly, by L. T. Meade
  • I'd like to pitch you in the deadman's pit. Cited from The Frogs, by Aristophanes
  • After this, Deadman is inspired to become a hero, and uses his powers for good and to investigate his murder.
  • Deadman tells him to leave his father but Dick refuses.
  • I keeps my eye on them, and observe them going in the direction of Deadman's Lane. Cited from Parkhurst Boys, by Talbot Baines Reed
  • This also gave rise to several of the names along the river including Deadman Valley and Headless Valley.
  • Boston Brand, a.k.a. Deadman, was brought back to true life through the power of the white ring.
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