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  • Police forces also find themselves under criticism for their use of force, particularly deadly force.
  • Pope and his men managed to hold out until dawn came, which brought on more deadly fire.
  • Both deadly accidents occurred on final approach, and both involved Soviet-built aircraft.
  • However, he is a master of several of the world's most deadly martial arts.
  • This is frequently the most deadly type of explosion, if it is strong enough.
  • The city was home to at least six deadly houses filled with trials for visitors.
  • At the same time, he was deadly when given a promising position.
  • Police were ordered to avoid the use of deadly force, and indeed, not a shot was fired.
  • "I thought you were serious!" she says, before being informed that it is deadly serious.
  • This is considered the most deadly dam-related disaster in human history.
  • Both conditions would prove deadly later that night.
  • The doctor asked if he had any family history of the deadly Huntington's disease.
  • However, no one was willing to order deadly force.
  • They would go on a deadly crime spree before being caught.
  • The situation now turned into a deadly duel between the mistress and the friend.
  • St. Charles is the site of the most deadly single shot of the American Civil War.
  • New weapons made the flying boats more deadly in combat.
  • His men responded with deadly fire directly into the crowd.
  • These military-style rules varied from the FBI's standard deadly force policy.
  • The situation gradually came under control without resorting to deadly force.
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