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  • On earlier versions of Windows, failure to do so could cause system-wide deadlocks.
  • Also to keep things from being deadlocks each week on same maps.
  • A number of tools to help deal with the challenges have been proposed to deal with deadlocks and race conditions.
  • Poor use of file locks, like any computer lock, can result in poor performance or in deadlocks.
  • The second officer, however, is released after the jury deadlocks.
  • Protocol deadlocks can occur when two or more tasks wait for each other to send response messages.
  • In order to encourage competitive play and avoid deadlocks, a point system including bonus points was used.
  • Deadlocks can also occur among three or more transactions.
  • In the event of a tie, the legislature holds the power to break deadlocks.
  • Distributed deadlocks can occur in distributed systems when distributed transactions or concurrency control is being used.
  • Transaction-processing systems are designed to detect these deadlocks when they occur.
  • These temporary deadlocks could have a thread running exclusively within them, increasing parallelism.
  • There are many different ways to increase parallelism where recursive locks would otherwise cause deadlocks.
  • Tram companies issued a rule that only one tram can be on a bridge at a time, to prevent traffic deadlocks.
  • They clear up the deadlocks that come from the hard and fast use of terms, they establish mutual charity as an intellectual necessity. Cited from First and Last Things, by H. G. Wells
  • Thus deadlocks need to be resolved to complete these transactions' execution and release related computing resources.
  • Deadlocks are thus often transient and occur only occasionally on a graph under particular stress.
  • The case goes to trial, but the jury deadlocks on the rape charge.
  • This can be further expanded to involve additional logic to increase parallelism where temporary deadlocks might otherwise occur.
  • To avoid deadlocks, it may be advisable to use relaxed rules for playing face cards.
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Root form of deadlocks is deadlock for the noun.

How deadlocks gets used

Meaning of deadlocks

  • noun A situation in which no progress can be made or no advancement is possible
    reached an impasse on the negotiations