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  • The first is that all of these are simply weaker or stronger nerve-deadeners; most of them actual narcotics. Cited from Preventable Diseases, by Woods Hutchinson
  • On the mental side, selfishness is one of the most complete and effectual deadeners of inspiration. Cited from Spirit and Music, by H. Ernest Hunt
  • To lighten or counteract such a descent, the most powerful springs, checks, rockets, screens, deadeners, even if the whole Earth were engaged in their construction -- would produce no more effect than so many spiderwebs. Cited from All Around the Moon, by Jules Verne
  • Besides, most of these headache medicines, which for a time will relieve the pain of a headache, are narcotics, or pain-deadeners; and in more than very moderate doses they are poisons, and often dangerous ones. Cited from A Handbook of Health, by Woods Hutchinson