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  • How can we ever be satisfied without them until our feelings are deadened? Cited from The Mill on the Floss, by George Eliot
  • She found no answer in the deadened sky, or in her own heart. Cited from The Atlantic Monthly, Vol. 10, No, 59, Sep, 1862
  • They had approached against the wind so that sound had been deadened. Cited from The Man of the Forest, by Zane Grey
  • In his own heart a sense of anger deadened for the time being his sense of loss. Cited from The Mayor of Warwick, by Herbert M. Hopkins
  • Any noise they might have made being deadened by the firing going on just below. Cited from Frontier Boys in Frisco, by Wyn Roosevelt
  • That she should see him no more deadened her heart and numbed her brain. Cited from Madame Flirt, by Charles E. Pearce
  • The one deadened the sound of my movements and the other gave me all the cover I needed. Cited from The Lost Valley, by J. M. Walsh
  • The night was dark, and the grass deadened the sound of my steps. Cited from Mystery of the Yellow Room, by Gaston Leroux
  • The dust on the highway deadened the sound of his horse's feet. Cited from A History of the McGuffey Readers, by Henry H. Vail
  • They were reduced to rule and deadened in the very process of their revival. Cited from The Atlantic Monthly, Vol. 8, No. 45, July, 1861, by Various
  • Yet, at other times, they seem deadened and slow in response. Cited from Women's Wild Oats, by C. Gasquoine Hartley
  • An expression of deep horror had deadened the curious light in his eyes. Cited from The Triumph of John Kars, by Ridgwell Cullum
  • Then, though the soft sand deadened all sound of my going, I crept forward. Cited from Black Bartlemy's Treasure, by Jeffrey Farnol
  • "If it is deadened, how do you know it is beauty?" Cited from The Gay Cockade, by Temple Bailey
  • By the continual passing of cars his attention-power has become deadened. Cited from The Art of Public Speaking, by Carnegie and Esenwein
  • The sharp, clear voice of Jones broke into his half-deadened consciousness. Cited from The Plastic Age, by Percy Marks
  • The thoughts of it all deadened his soul, and he turned his ponies to the west. Cited from The Way of an Indian, by Frederic Remington
  • It was there; he could still feel the weapon's deadened weight. Cited from The Black Star Passes, by John W Campbell
  • We deadened the sound as much as we could, but it was impossible to prevent Richard from hearing. Cited from Ordeal Richard Feverel by G. Meredith, v6
  • I can't think it was a noise; the snow deadened all the sounds. Cited from Tales Of Hearsay, by Joseph Conrad
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Root form of deadened is deaden for the verb.

Meaning of deadened

  • verb Make vapid or deprive of spirit
    deadened wine
  • verb Lessen the momentum or velocity of
    deaden a ship's headway
  • verb Become lifeless, less lively, intense, or active; lose life, force, or vigor
  • verb Make less lively, intense, or vigorous; impair in vigor, force, activity, or sensation
    Terror blunted her feelings, deaden a sound
  • verb Convert (metallic mercury) into a grey powder consisting of minute globules, as by shaking with chalk or fatty oil