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  • Once X finds himself at a deadend, one of two things may happen.
  • Running as silently as they could in the darkness, they reached the deadend cavern without being seen. Cited from Planet of the Damned, by Harry Harrison
  • This business allowed the freedom of schedule sometimes needed in the music business and paid a lot better than some deadend job most songwriters choose to go into.
  • He said the West has been driven to deadend and that Iran was proud "to put an end to liberal economy".
  • Some of Japan's famous boulder problems can be found here, on boulders such as and 'Deadend'.
  • Some labels list the song as "Deadend Street".
  • The canal was in use in the 9th century and rebuilt in the 18th is now a deadend at Bergues.
  • Some time later, he ventured to Italy and fought Deadend and Swindle, and soon took on Starscream, who as always, fled the scene soon afterward.
  • A plan is hatched and Swindle and Deadend begin ripping through the streets of Rome causing general chaos and trying to draw the Autobots out.
  • It starts at New South Head Road and curves around the west side of Point Piper, terminating in a deadend above Lady Martins Beach.
  • He added that "the Left's embrace of the anti-road/anti-motorist lobby marked its turn up a deadend: abandoning the social -the progressive attempt to transform society through human action -in favour of the natural -the reactionary attempt to defend the environment against humanity".
  • NM 119 formerly turned sharply north at the traffic triangle to pass through Anton Chico and deadend at the Pecos River; a bridge used to cross the Pecos at that point, too.
  • A portion of the old road, now a hiking trail, can be hiked all the way to State highway 50, one and one-half miles, with an elevation gain of less than, The trailhead begins at the boulder-blocked deadend of a spur road from Upper Truckee Road.
  • If, having come from Bonavista, you turned left instead of right, you would find yourself on Route 238-II which passes through Elliston Centre, Sandy Cove and the Neck and finishes in a circular road in Maberly i.e. 238-II is a deadend.
  • Orlowski points out the incoherent and contradictory argument by Greenpeace that nuclear fusion is non-viable but then warns of the dangers that commercial nuclear fusion posed on the environment despite their claims that nuclear fusion is an impractical, technological deadend.
  • Single mother Jenny Graves (Ashley Laurence) decides to restart her deadend life by moving out of Detroit and taking her two sons Green (Bret Harrison) and Jay (Lucas Till) to small rural town in Alabama.
  • In a speech on June 2, 2008, the Iranian presidential website quotes Ahmadinejad as saying "the Zionist Regime of Israel faces a deadend and will under God's grace be wiped off the map."

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