dead leaves

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  • Once he came on a man lying with his face in the dead leaves. Cited from In the Midst of Alarms, by Robert Barr
  • Some brown, dead leaves may remain on the tree throughout winter until very early spring.
  • In what way do dead leaves get carried into the soil? Cited from Lessons on Soil, by E. J. Russell
  • Thus the new life of music is ever growing rich with the dead leaves of the past. Cited from The Great German Composers, by George T. Ferris
  • As he walked along he came across some dead leaves and then some small tree branches. Cited from The Rover Boys out West, Arthur M. Winfield
  • This very thing happened in some past whose track is lost under time's dead leaves. Cited from The Fugitive, by Rabindranath Tagore
  • The cards fell from his hand with the sound of dead leaves. Cited from Lewis Rand, by Mary Johnston
  • If there be leaves on the forest floor, Dead leaves there are and nothing more. Cited from Anthol. Massachusetts Poets/William S. Braithwaite
  • She was young and strong and beautiful; life, not dead leaves, lay at her feet. Cited from The White Riband, by Fryniwyd Tennyson Jesse
  • The dead leaves at the top were like cloth across a face. Cited from The Abandoned Room, by Wadsworth Camp
  • This is his second release for the label after Dead Leaves.
  • She said it had too many dead leaves and live creatures in it for her taste. Cited from Bob Strong's Holidays, by John Conroy Hutcheson
  • He was the man who burned the hills of dead leaves in autumn. Cited from A Prisoner in Fairyland, by Algernon Blackwood
  • "You have no idea how many of them hide under dead leaves." Cited from The Burgess Bird Book for Children, T. Burgess
  • The nest is an open cup placed on the ground, hidden among dead leaves.
  • When lying on dead leaves or red clay, they can be almost impossible to notice.
  • Some of this is dead leaves which have been ground to powder. Cited from Scientific American Sup. No. 362, by Various
  • Not a dead leaf fell; and where the leaves had fallen there they lay. Cited from Bred in the Bone, by James Payn
  • Also from that form of his was cast a long shadow -- there it lay upon the dead leaves. Cited from The Ghost Kings, by H. Rider Haggard
  • The dead leaves usually remain attached to the plant.
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