DD Smash

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  • Info DD Smash was a New Zealand pop/rock band formed by Dave Dobbyn after the breakup of Th' Dudes.
  • He had to leave DD Smash after a road accident.
  • DD Smash split during the 1980s when Dave Dobbyn began recording by himself.
  • DD Smash won the same award the following year with their follow up live album, Live: Deep in the Heart of Taxes.
  • DD Smash released their debut album in 1982.
  • In his early career he was a member of the rock group Th' Dudes and was the main creative force in pop band DD Smash.
  • After the Footrot Flats album, Loyal moved him further away from the pub rock of DD Smash and into contemporary pop rock.
  • It is a cover of the Luther Vandross song and is the only DD Smash single to be a cover.
  • By late '81, DD Smash signed a recording deal and immediately set about recording their debut album, with Ian Morris in the producer's chair.
  • The band were briefly called 'Dave Dobbyn's Divers' until drummer Peter Warren came up with DD Smash.
  • Cool Bananas is the first album by the New Zealand band DD Smash led by Dave Dobbyn, released in 1982.
  • Aotea Square was site of a major civil disturbance on 7 December 1984, during a free end-of-academic year rock concert given by bands including Herbs and DD Smash.
  • He had previously used the line 'Slice of Heaven' in the DD Smash album The Optimist, and chose to revisit it.
  • It is also noted as a culmination of the directness of his pub-rock DD Smash work and later rock albums, while 'Hallelujah Song' signals the start of his Christian influences in future releases.
  • When DD Smash folded, Dobbyn began a successful solo career, by writing the soundtrack music for the animated feature film Footrot Flats: The Dog's Tale in 1986.
  • Singer-songwriter Bic Runga has won the award twice, in 1998 and 2006, while singer-songwriter Dave Dobbyn has won once as a solo artist in 1998 and twice with his band DD Smash in 1982 and 1983.
  • Some of the more influential bands in the 1970s were Th' Dudes (whose guitarist Dave Dobbyn formed DD Smash in the 1980s), Dragon, Hello Sailor and Split Enz, fronted by Tim Finn, and later, his brother Neil Finn who went on to form Crowded House.