data collection

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  • Data collection from the test road is the most important activity.
  • Here he got involved in data collection and IT systems development.
  • Data collection also involved individual interviews and follow-up by the research team.
  • A new international study using modern data collection methods, would be a difficult, slow process.
  • There are data collection programs in the following areas.
  • Because it was a multi-user system, it did not support real-time data collection.
  • These include two new forms of data collection.
  • There are five school unit files, organized around the year of data collection.
  • Data collection is required to know where conservation efforts and resources need to be applied.
  • The crew conducted data collection related to a significant number of scientific studies during the course of the mission.
  • Data collection by the pilot programs demonstrated the success of the services being provided.
  • The plan is prepared using the information gathered during the data collection and goal setting stages.
  • Today, these regions are still used for data collection purposes.
  • Other methods of data collection are sometimes used.
  • Therefore, experiments are often highly fixed even before the data collection starts.
  • Observers are the only source of independent data collection for some types of at-sea information.
  • Data collection is highly dependent on the nature of the system.
  • In fixed designs, the design of the study is fixed before the main stage of data collection takes place.
  • Their data collection methods drew criticism from the scientific community.
  • It provides a component based software system for data collection and panel management.
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