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  • She has said some of these songs are much darker than those on her previous albums.
  • The color should be dark brown or nearly black, the darker the better.
  • There is a darker line along the back, and a yellow line low down on the sides.
  • The first version was much darker than the final film.
  • The head is darker than the rest of the body, and without marks.
  • The upper surface of the leaves is a darker green, and the bottom is a light green.
  • In winter, the head goes white apart from a darker cap and eye-spot.
  • Younger plants often had yellow/green color while older plants display a darker and stronger green.
  • She has a whitish face with darker areas behind and above the eye.
  • The story features a more dramatic focus, taking a darker and more serious tone.
  • With the same band-line up as their previous album, the band created an album considered to be darker than their debut album.
  • They find a suitable tree by growing towards darker areas, such as the dark shadow of a tree.
  • In this case the colour must grow darker with the distance (third picture).
  • Light & Magic featured a darker sound than their previous album.
  • The darker colored pieces and their player are referred to as black.
  • In China, darker skin is still considered by many to be the mark of the lower classes.
  • The widely accepted color old gold is on the darker rather than the lighter side of this range.
  • Its tone is somewhat darker and more serious in character.
  • According to the band, the new album would have a darker, and possibly different sound than their previous releases.
  • Sage's hair would change from red to black, or later to a darker red.
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