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  • It can be recognized by its dark blue-green, highly divided leaves.
  • Despite this support, at the state convention he was a dark horse candidate.
  • The officers on board said they would remain on board until dark and then sail.
  • This could cause problems when it became too dark to see properly.
  • Mention of dark matter is made in some video games and other works of fiction.
  • The low crime rate makes most cities and towns safe to walk around even after dark.
  • Time is also connected to the theme of light and dark.
  • But the deep-set dark eyes, with a soul looking out of them, were as clear as ever. Cited from Further Adventures of Lad, Albert Payson Terhune
  • Looking out of his dark hiding place, he could see one of his enemies. Cited from Baree, Son of Kazan, James Oliver Curwood
  • He was writing in the dark, so to speak.
  • He lost weight and had deep lines on his face and dark circles under his eyes.
  • The properties of dark energy and dark matter are largely unknown.
  • The third peak can be used to get information about the dark matter density.
  • Red was long seen as having a dark side, particularly in Christian theology.
  • An example is that one is looking into a room which is totally dark.
  • Their upper bodies and lower fins are usually dark brown or dark blue-green.
  • She can use this to cast light even in the darkest of night.
  • This bottom up model of structure formation requires something like cold dark matter to succeed.
  • The missing component is known as dark matter and its nature is unknown.
  • Dark trees border the building on both sides.
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Meaning of dark

  • noun Absence of light or illumination
  • noun An unenlightened state
    he was in the dark concerning their intentions, his lectures dispelled the darkness
  • adjective Devoid of or deficient in light or brightness; shadowed or black
    sitting in a dark corner, a dark day, dark shadows, dark as the inside of a black cat
  • adjective (used of color) having a dark hue
    dark green, dark glasses, dark colors like wine red or navy blue