daringly low

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  • The dress was cut daringly low, back and front, especially back, and the girl wore no jewels. Cited from From Out the Vasty Deep, by Mrs. Belloc Lowndes
  • Despite rather uneven features and red hair, she was almost pretty; and in her green evening gown, which was cut daringly low, she was flashing and attractive. Cited from The Plastic Age, by Percy Marks
  • Composed of one piece of cloth, the garment, which reaches a little below the knee and closes in the back, passes just over the hips, is, as civilised people would say, daringly low. Cited from Through Central Borneo, by Carl Lumholtz
  • She affected black; and that was her gown, now -- cut daringly low and without a jot of color about it, save the dead white of her arms and shoulders, and a huge bunch of violets at her waist. Cited from The Colonel of the Red Huzzars, by John Reed Scott