dangerous man

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  • Info Dangerous Man is the seventh studio album by country music singer Trace Adkins, released on August 15, 2006 (see 2006 in music) on Capitol Records Nashville. more...
  • They have told him that your master is a dangerous man. Cited from Jack Archer, by G. A. Henty
  • From certain points of view he was actually a dangerous man. Cited from The Magic Egg and Other Stories, by Stockton
  • He says he is going to be a dangerous man; I can believe it. Cited from The Professional Aunt, by Mary C.E. Wemyss
  • He can serve you if he wishes, but remember he is a dangerous man. Cited from Four Months in a Sneak-Box, by N. Bishop
  • For a moment she was off her guard -- with a dangerous man watching her. Cited from The Grey Lady, by Henry Seton Merriman
  • He was a powerful man, and, with that face, a dangerous man. Cited from The Castle Inn, by Stanley John Weyman
  • But the Germans never failed to point out what a dangerous man he was. Cited from Sketches of the East Africa Campaign, by Robert Valentine Dolbey
  • He was a dangerous man to deal with; that made it all the more interesting. Cited from Injun and Whitey to the Rescue, by William S. Hart
  • The most dangerous man we have had for years! Cited from Sir George Tressady, Vol. II, by Mrs. Humphry Ward
  • I felt that he was indeed a dangerous man. Cited from The Adventures of Gerard, by Arthur Conan Doyle/14
  • One was the most dangerous man in the planet and the leader.
  • But you are a dangerous man, Tell, and against such must I guard myself. Cited from William Tell Told Again, by P. G. Wodehouse
  • I should have picked him out anywhere as a very able and a very dangerous man. Cited from Caesar's Column, by Ignatius Donnelly
  • You have ruined your reputation, you are looked upon as a dangerous man. Cited from As Farpas (Novembro a Dezembro 1882), by Ortigao & Queiroz
  • But he's a dangerous man -- got away once before. Cited from Children of the Whirlwind, by Leroy Scott
  • Don't you think he's a dangerous man? Cited from Love Among the Chickens, by P. G. Wodehouse
  • But in the position she occupies at present you are a dangerous man. Cited from The Christian, by Hall Caine
  • The chief thought which now filled my mind was what my relations were with this dangerous man who walked by my side. Cited from Uncle Bernac, by Arthur Conan Doyle
  • I am told he is a dangerous man, a very monster. Cited from Doom Castle, by Neil Munro
  • He is a dangerous man, in that he works much upon the minds and feelings of others. Cited from For the Faith, by Evelyn Everett-Green
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