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  • He found interest in various activities but never more than dabbled in them.
  • Outside of radio he has dabbled in voice-over work in films and video games.
  • Having dabbled all your life in philosophy, will you never learn to reason? Cited from Emile, by Jean-Jacques Rousseau
  • He also had plans to dabble in play acting but never carried them out.
  • During her time in college, she began dabbling with a music career.
  • I would sort of dabble around five or six years old.
  • She looked back at her life, and saw that she had dabbled. Cited from The Prince and Betty, by P. G. Wodehouse
  • After the latter, he dabbled in writing music for a few years.
  • During high school, she began dabbling in the music once again.
  • I have no faith in politics simply because I have dabbled in history.
  • When she graduated, she attended art school and dabbled in local theatre.
  • While working there, he began dabbling in a literary career, apparently with great success.
  • Because of this it is thought that he dabbled in attempts of gold-making.
  • After he finished his studies, he dabbled in several enterprises before opening a private construction company.
  • It's wonderful how many people there are there who dabble in music! Cited from Jean-Christophe: In Paris, by Romain Rolland
  • Sometimes she even allowed herself to dabble in good works. Cited from Punch, Vol. 99, October 11, 1890, ed. by Sir Francis Burnand
  • He also dabbles in other sports like golf whenever he has the time.
  • He dabbled in various business ventures during his life often with mixed results.
  • He dabbled in semi-professional baseball and wrote his first stories and novels.
  • He dabbled in politics and was even elected to state legislature at one time.
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How dabble gets used

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Meaning of dabble

  • verb Dip a foot or hand briefly into a liquid
  • verb Play in or as if in water, as of small children
  • verb Work with in an amateurish manner
    She dabbles in astronomy, He plays around with investments but he never makes any money
  • verb Bob forward and under so as to feed off the bottom of a body of water
    dabbling ducks