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  • It has been used in some important research on nuclear and cytoplasmic relationships.
  • Some animals like the fruit fly do not have any cytoplasmic intermediate filaments.
  • In conjugation, two organisms come into close contact, and a temporary cytoplasmic bridge forms between them.
  • These fall under Type III, or cytoplasmic cell death.
  • Their cytoplasmic determinants are more rapidly distributed in the newly created cells.
  • Cytoplasmic male sterility has now been identified in over 150 plant species.
  • IL-17RA is by far the largest member of the family and has the largest cytoplasmic tail of the family.
  • One can also consider using the cytoplasmic incompatibility strategy to control the population of tsetse.
  • Cytoplasmic bridges are formed between cells that appear to be used for DNA transfer from one cell to another in either direction.
  • The cytoplasmic version is also involved in immune response and cancer.
  • The first step occurs early in G1, when satellite material forms on cytoplasmic tip of half-bridge.
  • It is due to the formation of large and/or numerous cytoplasmic vacuoles.
  • In most bacteria, a cell wall is present on the outside of the cytoplasmic membrane.
  • Both of these proteins are also targeted at their cytoplasmic tail domain.
  • As such, it can be used to obtain the cytoplasmic contents of a cellular culture.
  • The images showed short, filamentous structures of unknown molecular composition associated with known cytoplasmic structures.
  • The cytoplasmic form appears to have a role in the protection of DNA from molecular injury.
  • During the second step half-bridge elongates and completes its nuclear and cytoplasmic faces fusion.
  • However, most will be found within the plasma membranes of cytoplasmic vesicles within the cell.
  • Following this he began work in France on yeast and cytoplasmic genetics.
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  • adjective Of or relating to cytoplasm