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  • A large cylindrical stone tower constructed nearby likely had a farm-related storage purpose.
  • Its shape was cylindrical and was made of heavy cast-iron.
  • European versions introduced cylindrical castle-shaped pieces that proved to be popular.
  • They have no arms or legs, but a large head and cylindrical body, representing little girls.
  • The air cell is a small cylindrical chamber with a hole in one end.
  • Often there was a head-rest as well, semi-cylindrical and made of stone, wood, or metal.
  • This cylindrical building lies on its side and measures about in both diameter and in length.
  • The first type has a flatter shape; the second has a more cylindrical appearance.
  • Unlike his brother, he abandoned ship and held on to a cylindrical barrel until he was saved several hours later.
  • Visitors view the cylindrical painting from the inside, entering through an entrance in the floor.
  • Its body is cylindrical in its upper portion, and more prismatic below.
  • Some are square, some cylindrical while others are modeled after animals.
  • The shape is cylindrical with the bottom always wider than the top.
  • The straight sides allows the case to slide back and forward in the cylindrical chamber.
  • Later versions of his helmet have included blue cylindrical designs along with the wings.
  • It has a cylindrical body with four wings at mid-body and four tail fins.
  • He walked away from me to a tall cylindrical jar in the corner.
  • The next step is to form a cylindrical hole through these layers.
  • Turning is a metal cutting process for producing a cylindrical surface with a single point tool.
  • Consider the current in the imaginary cylindrical surface shown surrounding the left plate.
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