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  • And in the other model it is just application of g and making the resulting word cyclically reduced.
  • Here each column contains four consecutive numbers cyclically arranged, four running in one direction and four in the other. Cited from Amusements in Mathematics, by Henry Ernest Dudeney
  • Then permute it cyclically until its first and last notes are as close together as possible.
  • A word is called cyclically reduced, if its first and last letter are not inverse to each other.
  • In other words, species life history characteristics fluctuate cyclically under the influence of surrounding species.
  • Moreover, every cyclically ordered group can be expressed as such a quotient group.
  • Given a cyclically ordered group and an ordered group, the product is a cyclically ordered group.
  • A cyclically ordered group is a group together with a cyclic order preserved by the group structure.
  • Cyclically sensitive industries such as manufacturing and construction had the most significant job losses.
  • A set with a cyclic order is called a cyclically ordered set or simply a cycle.
  • There are four such generation sets in all; each permanently named and recurring cyclically roughly every century.
  • In particular, if is the circle group and is an ordered group, then any subgroup of is a cyclically ordered group.
  • Since the satellite moves around the earth's center in its orbit, the forces described above vary cyclically.
  • A word is cyclically reduced if and only if every cyclic permutation of the word is reduced.
  • Starting from a cyclically ordered set, one may form a linear order by unrolling it along an infinite line.
  • Cyclically, long waiting lists have shown some increased dropout effects, further exacerbating the problem.
  • Breeding takes place cyclically in spring and summer.
  • Usually the application will use this process cyclically or repetitively.
  • An infinite set can also be ordered cyclically.
  • In mathematics, cyclically reduced word is a concept of combinatorial group theory.
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