cyclical asymmetry

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  • Info Cyclical asymmetry is an economic term which describes any large imbalance in economic factors that occur due to purely cyclical reactions by a market or nation. more...
  • Cyclical asymmetry is a form of nonlinear economics and, as such, its effects can be widely varied.
  • When this does occur, it is a cyclical asymmetry.
  • The primary cause of cyclical asymmetry is rapid change in an otherwise regularly cyclical model, and overreactions to counteract such changes.
  • However, the primary identification of a cyclical asymmetry is that resources, results, or actions taken to correct a change result in an unequal distribution of a resource or factor, which always leads to a disruption.
  • The Great Depression could be construed as a result of cyclical asymmetry carried to ridiculous extremes, with most economic and fiscal policy bent to the ideal of mass speculation and investment over rational investment on assets.