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  • So far, it is unknown if customizable parts are going to be available.
  • Though very cost-heavy, character growth is seen to be more customizable with this method.
  • The game is not customizable; one may not make his own rules.
  • A large variety of pre-designed, customizable objects come with the program.
  • When a player levels-up, additional customizable options also becomes available to a player.
  • This technology-focused approach means that a high quality, customizable service can be delivered at much lower cost.
  • It also features online play and customizable plays, players, and teams.
  • It is highly customizable and has been described as "simple to use."
  • Point distribution gives the players much control over the character creation process and tends to make characters highly customizable.
  • Customizable reports available in the Renaissance Place edition can also report district-level information.
  • The battle selection screen is very customizable to prevent abuse of new players by more experience characters.
  • These are not as customizable as the normal Custom range however are still made to the same high standard.
  • Once players begin a farm, they first create a customizable avatar, which may be changed at any point.
  • The customizable interface allows users to build their accounts based on their specific needs.
  • Much of the game is customizable with the help of a simple text editor and paint program.
  • Up to three folders can be found in this game, and all are fully customizable.
  • The interior of the ship is also fully customizable, with any blocks able to be placed in the ship.
  • The view system is very powerful and fully customizable.
  • They also praised it for being significantly more customizable than its predecessor.
  • The game also featured a customizable interface for the first time.
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