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  • Another route left to curve towards the east coast and approach from the northeast.
  • Then the curved scale used for the expected value is selected based on the range.
  • They can be determined along straight lines and along curved lines.
  • Many times, however, we are just interested in the image of the curve.
  • The station has one slightly curved island platform located above ground.
  • In the figure above the first curve shows a current technology.
  • Any waves that do reach the new wall are turned back by its curved shape.
  • As they move forward over the snow, this curved shape causes them to turn.
  • The same curve also showed that there were very few faint white stars.
  • Hills and curves lead to multiple points on one line and one has to be chosen.
  • Although it does not have a top, the sides curve in to prevent escape.
  • Towards the right end they pass over a curved wooden bridge.
  • The road heads back into agricultural areas with some woods, curving west again.
  • It is an application of the theory of curves to find their main features.
  • For example, many of the scene's straight lines will be drawn as curves.
  • Each of these groups typically have a much different demand curve.
  • This has an effect in the total activity curve of the three fuel types.
  • The long straight or curved tail, well covered with hair, should almost reach the ground.
  • The example shown here uses a right-curving section of track.
  • The river flows north then west, curving around the north side of the mountain.
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Meaning of curve

  • noun The trace of a point whose direction of motion changes
  • noun A line on a graph representing data
  • noun A pitch of a baseball that is thrown with spin so that its path curves as it approaches the batter