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  • The series is group curated and is always free and open to the public.
  • Some of the art shows he has curated and organized have received worldwide recognition.
  • All of the remains had remained curated in the museum for several decades.
  • He curated several art shows including one featuring his collection of unusual toys.
  • During this period he served as secretary for the local historical society and curated its coin collection.
  • She has curated numerous exhibitions, particularly in the field of media art.
  • She has curated numerous exhibitions and has also lectured and written about art.
  • Jessicka has curated two different art shows under the name Dark Dark Science.
  • Her collection was, unlike many similar contemporary ones, well-curated.
  • The shows are not legitimately curated and will frequently or usually include as many artists as possible.
  • He has made several documentary films, curated exhibitions and has several photo-books to his credit.
  • In the 1990s, public art interventions start being developed within curated programs.
  • The exhibition was curated, built and opened within eight months.
  • The result is more of a curated event-between-covers than a typical art magazine with reviews and news items.
  • He organized and curated scores of exhibitions of new and modern art in major cities all over the world.
  • Each party was curated by a secret guest, who determined the other DJs who would play alongside them.
  • Non-curated models can be later moved into the curated branch.
  • This collection is curated as an original reference collection for visiting researchers and the general public.
  • They are not curated and are available on an as-is basis.
  • He has also curated visual art exhibitions and worked as an academic in several UK universities.
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