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  • Their performance will then be cumulated to determine the overall winner for the season.
  • The cumulated result we know; the minute factors which must be gathered together to form that result, we do not know. Cited from The Nature of Goodness, by George Herbert Palmer
  • He was cumulated to be the first of the uncumulated, and thus deputy city council.
  • Each calendar year has its own champion, but the cumulated ranking over two years decides the team to relegate.
  • He cumulated the daily percent change in the market index rather than the difference between advances and declines.
  • In like manner it is held that within the mind processes cumulate and rise to a certain height before they cross the threshold of consciousness. Cited from The Nature of Goodness, by George Herbert Palmer
  • During the next few years, SYPECom continued active development of the platform and cumulated partnerships with numerous organizations.
  • The points from each category are cumulated to obtain a combined score for the routine.
  • These cumulated factors proved invaluable towards the growth of ELM over the years.
  • All these findings were finally cumulated into an adolescence education program which consisted of teacher training and workshops for all school students.
  • Never did woman of rank step more triumphantly over the barriers which the cumulated custom of ages has built between the classes of society. Cited from The Vicar's Daughter, by George MacDonald
  • This anticipated comparison is usually done over a couple of years, whereby the income and cost of every year is cumulated.
  • When electors are allowed to cumulate on individual candidates, the favourites of sections within the party will be elected. Cited from Proportional Representation Applied To Party Government, by Ashworth
  • A cumulated alkadienes is having two double bonds attached to the same carbon atom same as the example given below.
  • It comes to me cumulated, and doubled, with that of James Hope. Cited from The Life of William Ewart Gladstone, Vol. 1 (of 3), by John Morley
  • The data are being cumulated on FTP-server after processing in the Canadian information center.
  • In order to fully understand memory, researchers must cumulate evidence from human, animal, and developmental research in order to make broad theories about how memory works.
  • The unrest continued into the 1970s, cumulating with a government-ordered military operation in the region in 1973.
  • Ideally, the well could be made to stop gushing oil entirely - thus putting a stop to the cumulating pollution.
  • The elector is given as many votes as there are members to be elected, which he may cumulate upon any one or distribute among several candidates. Cited from Proportional Representation, by John H. Humphreys
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