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  • Another approach has been the development of test methods that use cultured human cells.
  • Many different types of cultured milk products can be found around the world.
  • It has also been used to describe new species that have never been successfully cultured.
  • Species cultured in these systems could range from warm to cold water fish and from fresh to sea water.
  • They are much more cultured and are made of natural materials.
  • We are an educated people with a long history, and we are a cultured people.
  • He has a cultured left foot and will be looking to build on the experience of playing regular reserve team football.
  • Upper-middle-class persons commonly identify education and being cultured as prime values.
  • Playing as a left-back he has a cultured left-foot and is considered a set-piece specialist.
  • He is shown to be very cultured as well as studied.
  • Cells that are cultured directly from a subject are known as primary cells.
  • Indeed most host-specific species have yet to be cultured.
  • Before this, cells cultured from other cells would only survive for a few days.
  • A cultured forward, he was a good finisher who could also hold the ball up well.
  • This behaviour has led some people to advance that he is not cultured enough to be in office.
  • Both his parents were well educated and cultured and he had a mature relationship with them.
  • Celal acquired her love of literature from her cultured mother, and started writing at a young age.
  • And a would-be cultured audience puts up with a performance like that!
  • Many consider Boston a highly cultured city, perhaps as a result of its intellectual reputation.
  • Such multi-cultured adaptive people are now spread all over the world.
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Root form of cultured is culture for the verb.

Meaning of cultured

  • verb Grow in a special preparation
    the biologist grows microorganisms