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  • They also seem to have been more culturally developed than in the present.
  • The western half of North York is culturally different from the eastern half.
  • The west side of the city has historically been a more culturally diverse area.
  • The city was one of the most religious and culturally traditional areas in Iraq.
  • Much research conducted shows that beliefs in a just world are evident cross-culturally.
  • Its population is highly culturally and linguistically diverse with many different population groups making their presence felt.
  • These findings also occur cross culturally, and present themselves clearly in the English language.
  • This population however, still remains culturally very active and yearly festivals are held.
  • Both groups have a large population in absolute numbers, but are not as culturally visible.
  • German colonists were introduced into the land and soon they became the largest and most culturally influential group within the population.
  • Her family was culturally Jewish, though they were not religious.
  • It is also considered culturally significant and has many superstitions around it.
  • Culturally deaf people have also represented themselves in the dominant written languages of their nations.
  • Paris was considered to have too great a value, culturally and historically, to risk its destruction.
  • This band is culturally the most important in the state, and has travelled all over Mexico and the world.
  • It has been amongst the country's largest and most economically and culturally important cities for eight centuries.
  • While the site is culturally important to them, Cambodia is a poor country.
  • The parks are all culturally significant; many also contain historic features.
  • A significant goal in American libraries is to become more culturally diverse throughout the country.
  • He described the right of students to a well-educated and culturally knowledgeable teacher.
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Meaning of culturally

  • adverb With regard to a culture
    culturally integrated