cultivate maize

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  • Growing seasons there were long enough for them to cultivate maize.
  • These appear to be the earliest people to cultivate maize in this part of South America.
  • That they cultivated maize in certain localities, there can be but little doubt. Cited from The Old Franciscan Missions Of California, by George Wharton James
  • They cultivated maize to support the population density of such complex societies.
  • Thirty years ago a family of whites settled on this island, where they cultivated maize and cassava. Cited from Equinoctial Regions of America V1, A. von Humboldt
  • Although they cultivated maize, and mandioc, and plaintains, they wanted every other supply. Cited from Journal of a Voyage to Brazil, by Maria Graham
  • They also cultivate maize, and sweet potato among other things.
  • They also cultivated maize to supplement their diets and to store for winter eating.
  • Pollen analysis has revealed that the first inhabitants entered the area when it was still thick forest, which they began to clear in order to cultivate maize and other plants.
  • Hence it has been found possible, according to Kalm, to cultivate maize further and further northwards in America. Cited from Animals and Plants under Domestication V 2, Darwin
  • According to these, in 5000 BC these societies already had some level of primitive agriculture and cultivated maize.
  • The second circle cultivated maize, manioc, and rice an area that needed various ash enrichment treatments and would experience short term growth.
  • Overall, farming has been a major activity for the people of this municipality who cultivated maize, wheat, beans, and alfalfa.
  • Mostly the people use slash-and-burn agriculture to cultivate maize.
  • They cultivate maize, yucca, and ages, as we have already related is the practice in Hispaniola. Cited from De Orbe Novo, Volume 1 (of 2), Trans. by Francis Augustus MacNutt
  • Like other Maya, the Chuj were a settled farming people who cultivated maize and beans.
  • There were also communal agricultural fields in the surrounding countryside, where the people cultivated maize in the rich local soil, the major reason such a dense population and large site were possible.
  • On his selection FW Cook cultivated maize, potatoes and fruit, but was unable to support his family solely from the property.
  • They cultivated maize and plants by means of irrigating canals. Cited from Houses of Aborigines, by Lewis H. Morgan
  • By the year AD 1000, they had started to cultivate maize.
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