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  • During the production of a crop, several different materials may be used.
  • The troops also found and destroyed several towns and fields of crops.
  • You say it is cropping up; all the more reason why it should be put down! Cited from King John of Jingalo, by Laurence Housman
  • It has also been cropped, so is not taken directly from the source.
  • Numerous private schools have also cropped up over the city's history.
  • Sometimes the hair may be cropped behind and left long on top. Cited from Negritos of Zambales, by William Allan Reed
  • Various methods may be used following cropping or may be used on the original image.
  • Eventually, this production of coffee would become the state's most important crop.
  • Four other species are grown as crops of minor or regional importance.
  • Simply that constant cropping has used up the plant food in the land. Cited from Agriculture for Beginners, by Burkett, Stevens and Hill
  • In his mid-years, apparently he hired help and share-cropped his farm.
  • It has cropped out a great many times in our history. Cited from Standard Selections, ed. by Fulton, Trueblood and Trueblood
  • Do you have more than one cropping season, and if so, about what dates are they due? Cited from One Thousand Questions in California Agriculture
  • The economic loss due to the loss of crops/food can be reduced with the use of the control species.
  • Also when men move to non-farm activities, women become more involved in cash cropping.
  • It has also been cropped and so is not the original image.
  • Each face is cropped so that no hair and usually no ears are visible.
  • Portions of the crops might also be left in the ground for them.
  • This is even more true of other dry-farm crops. Cited from Dry-Farming, by John A. Widtsoe
  • The only difference between this image and the original is that this one has been cropped.
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Meaning of crop

  • noun The yield from plants in a single growing season
  • noun A cultivated plant that is grown commercially on a large scale
  • noun A collection of people or things appearing together
    the annual crop of students brings a new crop of ideas
  • noun The output of something in a season
    the latest crop of fashions is about to hit the stores
  • noun The stock or handle of a whip
  • verb Cut short
    She wanted her hair cropped short
  • verb Yield crops
    This land crops well
  • verb Let feed in a field or pasture or meadow
  • verb Feed as in a meadow or pasture
    the herd was grazing