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  • Criticism came not only from the medical world, but also from the public.
  • This particular view of game theory has come under recent criticism.
  • The transport network in the city itself has been a subject of much criticism for years.
  • There has been some criticism of the way the studies were conducted.
  • The big criticism of the group was that they did not have a good lead singer.
  • Police forces also find themselves under criticism for their use of force, particularly deadly force.
  • The changes have therefore been the subject of some criticism.
  • The contest has been the subject of criticism regarding both its musical and political content.
  • The environmental impact of the race has been another area of criticism.
  • The scheme has attracted considerable criticism due to its huge size and location.
  • This action made him later the target of criticism by his enemies.
  • Her personality and conduct did however receive a certain amount of criticism.
  • This has led to criticism towards the film industry.
  • This point of view has been subject to severe criticism in the research of the 20th century.
  • His work has received much criticism over the years, especially concerning his metaphysical form.
  • Many were seen as radical or as ahead of their time in their social criticism.
  • There are two major criticisms of the standard form of the production function.
  • Both these events are well-attended by students, although they have drawn criticism from conservatives.
  • His intellectual style has also come in for much criticism.
  • These criticisms would continue for many years, even after the war.
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Meaning of criticism

  • noun Disapproval expressed by pointing out faults or shortcomings
    the senator received severe criticism from his opponent
  • noun A serious examination and judgment of something
    constructive criticism is always appreciated
  • noun A written evaluation of a work of literature