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  • This collection was well received and included several of his most critically successful works.
  • The film was critically well received but lost money at the box office.
  • While it failed to match the commercial success of his debut, it was critically well received.
  • In Sides has since come to be one of their most critically well-regarded works.
  • The southern and central areas are reported to be the most critically affected.
  • The album received even less attention critically and commercially than their last effort.
  • It was well received critically and became a major commercial success.
  • As with his previous works, it was also well-received critically.
  • The Governor was critically ill and died at the end of the following month.
  • So while they were perhaps employed, their possible effect on the battle should be viewed critically.
  • It was based on his experiences while in prison, and was critically well received.
  • The album was generally well-received critically, and has been included on several music magazine best of lists.
  • The album became more successful than her previous self-titled album, both financially and critically.
  • However, the band's live shows from throughout their career have been critically acclaimed.
  • This is the cause of much difficulty in thinking critically about claims.
  • The series has proved extremely popular around the world, both commercially and critically.
  • Two people, including a five year old girl were killed, and sixteen were critically injured.
  • Two others were critically injured, one of them dying later in hospital.
  • The album was critically acclaimed and seen by some as her best work to date.
  • In later years she had major roles in the number of box office and critically successful movies.
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Meaning of critically

  • adverb In a critical manner
    this must be examined critically