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  • Crisp has also only been hit five times in his nine-year career.
  • One of the most significant changes was that the crisps were much smaller than before.
  • Crisp eventually became one of the more wealthy members of the film industry.
  • His crisp passing and physical strength are also positive aspects of his game.
  • In this case, a few people like to add broken up crisp bread instead.
  • Their crisp format was most likely instrumental in the continued existence of the games.
  • In some parts of America a very similar dish may be called a crisp.
  • Though on a small label the sound is crisp and professional.
  • Despite his success, Crisp had to fight for his roster spot each spring.
  • Crisp was an active and important liaison between the film industry and outside business interests.
  • Later in the game, Crisp reached base and again made an attempt to steal second base.
  • For example, he recently showed them crisps where you put the salt on them yourself although this already had been done.
  • The sun then comes up and the world is burnt to a crisp.
  • Edges where white and dark color meet are usually crisp and sharp.
  • The traditional flat and dry crisp bread has developed into several contemporary variants.
  • The last touch consists in sprinkling a little cold water on them to make them crisp.
  • It is a poor plant that crisps quickly into wood. Cited from Autumn Leaves, by Various
  • Some critics found the architecture too crisp and cold to consider living with permanently.
  • For a time I was made to forget that my skin was dark and my hair crisped. Cited from My Bondage and My Freedom by Frederick Douglass #2
  • This horse was never named, and is simply known as "Crisp's horse".
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